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This Is Not a Blog

This is not a blog.

I didn’t even remember that I had a WordPress account until I attempted to comment on a WordPress blog and discovered that my email address was still in their system.

I do have several blogs, but my weapon of choice is Blogger because I have an unhealthy love for all things Google.  Here are some of my real blogs:

Against the Greater Light – This is my ex-Mormon blog.  I use it to discuss problems I have with the church, doctrinal discrepancies I’ve discovered, and occasionally how leaving the church has affected my life, my character, my beliefs and my family.  I’m also working on a chapter-by-chapter commentary as I read the Book of Mormon from a non-believer’s perspective for the first time.

The New Devil – This is a basic blogfic–a piece of fictional writing shared in a blog format.  This story follows Jason Grimes, a teenager who dies and is subsequently tricked into taking over rule of Hell.  Currently, I’m uploading a brief update every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Please check out any of these that pique your interest.  Readership is great, but comments are better.  Please feel free to comment and discuss on any of these blogs.